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Sustainability at Hotel & Apartment Sonnblick in Kaprun

We love our nature


We need to run our hotel sustainably and to preserve the earth as we know and love it as a place worth living in for future generations. We strive to reduce our energy consumption and pollutant emissions to a minimum.
For example, waste separation is a matter of course for us.

In addition to preserving our environment, it is also important to us to strengthen the local economy and the community by primarily using regional products and working with local

The Hotel Sonnblick in Kaprun has a heart for all of our environment and strives to preserve and protect it.
In addition to many small and large environmental measures, we have compiled our Top21 for you in the following overview.

21 environmental measures in the hotel

  • 1. Photovoltaic system on the roof generates environmentally friendly electricity. Geothermal energy ensures warm hotel rooms and an air heat pump heats our outdoor pool all year round. Almost 70% of the entire heat and electricity requirement is thus generated sustainably.
  • 2. The remaining 100% sustainable electricity requirement is provided by the hydroelectric power station in the Kaprun high mountain reservoirs.
  • 3. Highly efficient thermal insulation was used in the renovation of the hotel
  • 4. A computer controlled heating system reduces energy consumption by over 30%
  • 5. All rooms and public areas are equipped with the latest LED technology. This is efficient, durable and environmentally friendly to dispose of. The lower power consumption of LEDs ensures that fewer CO2 emissions are released into the air. Every kilowatt hour of electricity saved reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around 590 grams.
  • 6. Through our absolutely fresh cuisine and the self-preparation of meals, packaging waste is saved. We use seasonal products with no additional freezing or packaging. In addition, regional suppliers are always preferred and instructed to provide the fresh products with as little packaging material as possible.
  • 7. The flagship in terms of sustainability is our restaurant, in which only regional and seasonal products from sustainable cultivation are used.
  • 8. The stove and many kitchen appliances are equipped with the latest induction technology.
  • 9. Efficient heat recovery from the cooling systems generates hot water
  • 10. We do not use disposable tableware made of plastic, so we do without plastic straws and use biodegradable cornstarch instead. To-go hot drink cups are biodegradable.
  • 11. Modern, very efficient, state-of-the-art dishwashers reduce detergent as well as energy and water consumption
  • 12. Goods orders in service, kitchen and housekeeping are always made in large quantities, this reduces CO2 emissions during transport.
  • 13. Waste separation is carried out conscientiously with us. All kitchen waste is converted into district heating in the immediate vicinity in a biomass power plant.
  • 14. We use ECO detergents for house linen and environmentally friendly cleaning agents from Hagleitner. We also have organic fair trade guest linen. Our laundries wash with environmentally friendly, certified high-tech processes.
  • 15. In the guest rooms we use a room sign, with the use of which guests can consciously forego room cleaning for the sake of the environment. Not having to clean the room saves 6 liters of water, 3 types of cleaning agent, 1 load of laundry and 15 minutes of electricity.
  • 16. For every room cleaning saved, we donate € 10 to
  • 17. The room furniture consists of local materials and was produced regionally.
  • 18. All advertising, information and print materials are made from sustainable FSC-certified paper.
  • 19. Largely paperless work in all areas. Our guest correspondence is only stored digitally. All internal work steps are digitally processed and archived.
  • 20. We are committed to ensuring that all future investments and our day-to-day actions always comply with sustainability and that we always strive to do justice to an intact environment
  • 21. Only e-cars and e-bikes are used in the hotel
Sustainability at Hotel Sonnblick in Kaprun