Your holiday

Learn Cross-Country Skiing on Holiday

Do you want to learn cross-country skiing in Austria or improve your skills on a cross-country skiing course? Then you are in the right place at Hotel Sonnblick. A professional cross-country ski school is just a few hundred meters away from our hotel.

Only 200m to the Ski-School

Learn how to cross-country ski or improve your existing skills on the cross-country skiing trail in Kaprun with Hotel Sonnblick. In about 3 minutes you can reach the alpine ski school and begin your Austrian ski fun! The ski-school is located here: Augasse 5 5710 Kaprun Tel. +43 6547 7562 E-Mail: Web:

The perfect cross-country ski course

Whether you are a cross-country skiing beginner or advanced, prefer to ski in a group of maximum 8 people or alone, our partner ski school will help you to find the right course!

Cross-country technique training

Cross-country technique: classic

Classic style cross-country skiing reflects some of the nordic walking movements. If you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the slopes, this form of skiing is for you! Here you will learn: -Double pole push -Double pole push while stepping up -Side-step -Diagonal stride -Herringbone step -Parallel (indirect) track change Thanks to easy exercises and good advices you will learn how to enjoy the nature and your holidays on the cross-country ski slope.

Cross-country technique: Skating

If the trail report promises good skiing conditions , then the sun shines an there is nothing quite like a workout in the snow. Cross-country skating is the perfect way to improve endurance, co-ordination and your general well-being. after only a few instructions you will know everything you need to know to master the cross-country skiing technique. We will help you learn: - Skating without poles - Arm movements (symmetrical 2:1) - 2 paces with one pole - One tact technique (1 :1 stroke) by every step one pole push - Leading arm movements (asymmetrical 2:1, on the mountain) - 2 steps with one pole push - Diagonal skating stride with one pole push

Further techniques

If you really enjoy cross-country skiing, then you will also enjoy: -Ploughs - skiing in A-from -Snowplough turns -Bow steps -Bowing -Technique changes -Swing stops -Different exercises with poles -Parallel turning
Put those newly learnt skills to use in one of our guided cross-country tours. Meet new people and make friends from training. Find out more about our guided long-distance tours.