Your holiday


Working together for a common future


Real cohesion

We love what we do and we love to do it together – as a family, as a team.

The human being is at the centre of action. Every guest, employee or business partner is held in the highest esteem. This enables a meeting at eye level.

What we are particularly proud of

  • Many of our employees have been with us and our company for 5, 10, 15, 20 years.
  • Employees are challenged and encouraged. Our employees regularly attend internal and external training courses.
  • Continuous further education and individual personality development are in the foreground.
  • Employees develop in a familiar and structured environment and are inspired to create creativity.
  • Food and accommodation are available to our employees at any time and without limit.
  • Our apprentices are equipped with a buddy who takes care of the apprentice and his needs.
  • Employee and department manager meetings are held regularly to ensure clear communication and a uniform agreement.

Common paths

We attach great importance to living and high quality.
For this reason, we work with selected suppliers and partners, whom we also know personally and who from time to time only visit us for a coffee together.

13 familienfoto2020

Arrive as guests, leave as friends

We want to show our guests – regardless of whether they are regular guests or first-time visitors – how easy it is to have a sustainable holiday.

Freely according to the motto “Holiday with a clear conscience”. In this way, it may even be possible to inspire our guests so that they can take some inspiration and idea home with them.

How happy we are

  • Some business travelers, groups or private guests have been coming to our region for more than 20 years and thus automatically to our hotel. Long-time regular guests and thus of course friends of the house and the family tend to say: “Once Kaprun, always Kaprun. Once Sonnblick, always Sonnblick.”
  • Our guests have the opportunity to book a CO2 offset when booking. As a result, all CO2 emissions are offset by planting a tree.
  • We have deliberately dispensed with minibars in our rooms and suites. Alternatively, we offer our guests the refrigeration of any products in cold stores in our restaurant. If required, we provide our guests with special medical fridges in the room or suite.
  • We also deliberately did without air conditioning. Often it is enough to lower the blinds during the day and open the windows at night. The fresh mountain air at night not only cools but also ensures good air and an incomparably pleasant sleep.
  • Business turns into leisure - We often welcome business travellers, who are soon welcomed with their families as holiday travellers by us.
  • Often it is the (regular) guests who remind us locals how unique and valuable the diversity of our region is. They accompany us on our journey and also put a smile on our faces.